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    What You Need to Know About Caring for Pearl Jewelry

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Pearls have a classic and feminine appearance that makes them perfect for jewelry! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pieces featuring pearls make great additions to any jewelry collection. If you plan to add pearls to your collection, make the most of them by following these simple care tips:

    Put Pearls on Last and Remove Them First

    It is important to put jewelry on after applying lotion, makeup, and perfumes to avoid getting these potentially damaging items on delicate gems. This is especially true for pearl jewelry, which should be put on after all other pieces. At the end of the night, you should take off your pearl pieces first to avoid damage.

    Wipe Pearls with a Cloth Before Storing Them

    Your pearl jewelry may not have perfume or lotion on it, but it will likely have pick up oil from your skin. This oil has a dulling effect on pearls. Use a soft and dry cloth to gently wipe and remove this oil from each pearl.

    Store Pearls in a Lined Jewelry Box

    It is always a good idea to invest in a high-quality jewelry box to keep pieces safe and secure when they are not being worn. Carefully store your pearl jewelry in a lined jewelry box, making sure it doesn’t have contact with other pieces.

    Clean Pearls Periodically

    You may notice dirt or oil buildup on your pearl pieces after wearing them a few times. Remove this unwanted debris by carefully cleaning the pearls with a mild soap and a soft cloth. If your pieces require a deeper cleaning, schedule an appointment with your jeweler.

    Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts offers an amazing selection of jewelry, including beautiful pearl pieces. Find out why our custom diamond rings and other stunning pieces make the perfect additions to any jewelry collection by visiting us online or calling us at (615) 373-5959.

    See the Most Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Looking to celebrities is a good idea when searching for style advice! Celebrities tend to have the best fashion and the best jewelry, especially when it comes to engagement rings. You can choose the perfect engagement ring by getting inspiration from some of Hollywood’s most popular style icons.

    Take a look at some of the most famous celebrity engagement rings by watching this video. You can see a wide variety of diamond shapes and colors as well as an assortment of other dazzling gemstones. Stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes have fancy colored diamonds, while Christina Aguilera and Catherine Zeta-Jones show off classic white diamonds.

    No matter what type of engagement ring you want, you can find it here at Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts! Call us at (615) 373-5959 to learn about our selection of engagement rings in Nashville.

    Experience the Difference When Shopping at Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Jewelry gives a woman an opportunity to show off her unique style! Engagement rings and other special types of jewelry also hold sentimental value. These are just some of the reasons why it is essential to find a jeweler that offers an amazing selection as well as outstanding customer service.

    Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts offers these qualities and much more. Our family-owned jewelry store has been helping Brentwood residents find the perfect pieces since 1968. We offer a wide variety of styles and designer pieces in order to provide something for everyone! Customers also appreciate our many jewelry services, including diamond and gemstone purchasing and evaluation, repair, appraisals, engraving, and even custom jewelry design.

    See the difference for yourself by visiting Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts today! Give us a call at (615) 373-5959 to learn more about our custom diamond rings, jewelry repair, and other amazing services. Let us help you find the perfect piece for your collection or for a special someone.

    How to Wear Your Pearls Stylishly

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Are you looking for the perfect new addition for your jewelry collection? Try pearls! These classic pieces may have a vintage appeal, but they can easily be mixed in with modern pieces to create a dynamic and eye-catching statement.

    Get tips for stylishly wearing your pearls by watching this video. There are many different types and colors of pearls available. Pair pearls with simple garments that feature rich colors to create a balanced ensemble. Mix pearls with diamonds, gold, or crystal pieces to add more visual interest to your outfit.

    Find the right pearl pieces to show off your style here at Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts. Take a look at our website or call us at (615) 373-5959 for more information about our Brentwood jewelry store and custom jewelry services.

    How to Design Custom Pieces for Your Jewelry Collection

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Do you want to stand out? If so, forget about ready-made accessories and choose custom pieces instead! Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts specializes in creating custom jewelry that stands out from a crowd and truly represents each client’s individual style.

    Visit our store to learn about our custom design process. Our jewelry experts will work with you to figure out just what you want and how to make it come to life! Start by determining whether you want a custom diamond ring, necklace, or bracelet. Next, look at diamonds and gemstones to find the ones you want to put on display. After this, you and your jeweler can work together to choose a setting, a metal type, and all of the other details.

    If you are ready to design a custom diamond ring or other piece, contact Brentwood Jewelry & Gifts today! Give us a call at (615) 373-5959 for more information about the process or to start planning your first custom piece.

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